Our Approach

We created Adventure Educators LLC with the intention to combine fun and learning.  Our philosophy is based on knowing the importance that focused, individualized instruction has in the educational process.  As professional educators, we take the time to learn about your interests and goals to design a plan ensuring your success.

Our Story

As career educators we have a deep appreciation for the learning process.  We know the best way to truly increase understanding and mastery of content is through personal engagement.  Making learning engaging and fun is what drove us to create Adventure Educators LLC.

Meet The Adventure Educators

Creative and passionate souls drive our company.  Enthusiasm for learning is ingrained in us as Adventure Educators.


Ali Naaseh-Shahry

Founder & Director

Ali has a heart of gold and an infectious love for teaching.            He truly cares about developing engaged and informed minds.  Beware: Ali's positive attitude is highly contagious.


Christopher T. Hudspeth

Founder & Guru

Chris is as passionate about adventure as he is mathematics.        As a lifelong lover of learning and the outdoors, Chris jumps at opportunities to explore natural wonders and learn new skills.

Contact Us!

Please reach out with any questions and we will be happy to connect with you!